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Four Elementary Schools Combined Into One January 2004
The Apollo-Ridge Elementary School is a consolidation of what once were four separate elementary schools within the Apollo-Ridge School District. On January 3, 2004, children from Apollo Elementary, North Apollo Elementary, Sunnyside Elementary, and Elders Ridge Elementary joined together as one student body for the very first time. Becoming one building has brought with it a number of new and exciting opportunities, none more important than to strengthen our bond as a unified district on one campus, allowing the sharing of resources and technology.

Veteran’s Memorial Stone at Elementary Entrance


Scout Troop 552 Project Solves Dilemma for Apollo-Ridge
submitted by Cris Kostiuk, Administrative Assistant


When the Apollo-Ridge School District sold the Sunnyside Elementary School, it faced the dilemma of moving a veteran’s memorial placed there from Jackson Elementary School when it was vacated many years ago.  Quotes obtained from local contractors were nearly $5,000.  A cost effective solution was needed… and it came from a very unlikely source.

The A-R Board of School Directors committee meeting on January 16, 2007 had an unusually high attendance rate due to a presentation being given on the District's gifted program.  During the course of the meeting, the topic of moving the monument was put forward.   

Several suggestions were made, but no resolution was found.  The discussion planted a seed in the minds of Joe and Melody Vigo.  Their son, Orren, a Boy Scout from Troop 552 (Poke Run Presbyterian Church), was in search of a community service project.  Within a week, Orren presented a letter to the Apollo-Ridge School District Board of Directors volunteering to move the monument as his project.  What a wonderful solution!  

On Wednesday, October 17, Orren, his father, Joe, and two other members of his Scout Troop 552, Jason Temple and George Petree, began cultivating a base for the monument’s placement.  Mr. Scott Deemer, using equipment donated by JV Rigging, would use a 26-ton forklift to remove the monument from the former Sunnyside Elementary School and place it in the new location in front of the recently-built Apollo-Ridge Elementary School.

This story is truly a testament of how the needs of the Apollo-Ridge School District can be met.  Attendance at school board meetings by members of the school community is vital.  If the district’s needs are to be addressed, community members need to become familiar with what they are.  And, like Orren, offer solutions.

 Photo Captions: 


AND TEAM:  A-R High student Orren Vigo, second from left, along with his father Joe (an A-R alumnus) devised the plan to move the veteran’s monument from the former Sunnyside Elementary School to the newly-constructed Apollo-Ridge Elementary.  Orren and fellow Scouts, Jason Temple and George Petree, are moving the monum

ent as a community service project.

DIGGING:  The crew is preparing the spot for the monument’s placement by digging a base on an island at the entrance to the Apollo-Ridge Elementary School. 

AARON READING INSCRIPTION:  Aaron Kostiuk, a fifth grader at Apollo-Ridge Elementary, reads the inscription on the monument which is also engraved with insignia of the four branches of the armed services.

LIFTING THE STONE:  Using a 26-ton forklift donated by JV Rigging, A-R alumnus, Scott Deemer carefully lifts the stone monument, complete with cement base, out of the ground.  The stone was placed at the Sunnys

ide Eleme

ntary School when the former Jackson Elementary School was closed and vacated.

LOADING THE STONE:  Scott Deemer and Joe Vigo were both students at the Jackson Elementary School when the Veteran’s memo

rial was installed in 1966 and have a vested interest in seeing the project through.  Scott backs the forklift onto a specially-designed trailer that slants for easy loading.

PLACING STONE IN GROUND:  Joe Vigo places blocks in front of the forks on the lift so that the stone can be maneuvered into the hole dug by his son, Orren, and fellow Scouts Jason Temple and George Petree.


DONE:  Orren Vigo thanks Scott Deemer for his help in moving the Veterans’ memorial from the former Sunnyside Elementary School in Spring Church to the grounds of the Apollo-

Ridge Elementary School that was occupied on January 6, 2004.

ORREN SCOTT & JOE:    Scott Deemer, Orren and Joe Vigo proudly stand by the project that saved the district in excess of $4,000.